Theresa Charlotte Silverman - McLeod is the younger half sister of Claire.
Her parents, Ruth Silverman and Jack McLeod, separated, when she was still  a child, and she moved with her mother back to Melbourne, where she grew up.
Shortly after she had lost her mother by cancer, Tess found out about the death of her father Jack, who bequeathed the half of  Drovers Run to her.
So she headed to Drovers, actually only to sell her share ... but it should arise, after some initial difficulties, that a new life began for her there .
She worked hard together with her sister on Drovers. Drovers meant everything to Claire and so she struggled to sale even a bit of the land.
Tess slowly got used to the rural life, and pushed the plan, to open her own Cafe´, in the background.
Tess fell in love with Nick Ryan, she didn’t realised it though and then she didn’t want to realise it. She began a relationship with his brother Alex instead. This shouldn’t last long. As she slowly got closer to Nick, he moved in with the physiotherapist Sally Clements. Meanwhile, she learned from the pregnancy of her sister Claire.
Sometime Tess cave in the efforts of the Veterinarian Dave Brewer and later accepted his marriage proposal. What she didn’t know at time she got together with Dave was that Nick and Sally had separated.
Later, after some differences, Tess broke the engagement and was “free“ again.
Because of a tragic car accident she lost Claire and cared for Claire’s daughter Charlotte. After a long fight, Tess decided that Charlotte should live with her father and her sisters.

After many misunderstandings and acts of defiance, Tess and Nick got together, and the long wait culminated in a dream wedding.
Then a pregnant Sally turned up and Tess and Nick were heading towards a crisis because it’s Nick’s baby. But finally they could cope with it and when Nick’s was offered a temporary job in Argentina, Tess goes with him.
Some month later Tess came back while Nick still has a bit work to do in Argentina. When Nick’s flight crashed and Nick was supposedly believed to be dead, Tess’ world collapsed. She tried, with help of the other, to keep the farm running. Meanwhile, she also learned that she is pregnant and "suddenly" has a half sister. Indeed, it should turn out that  Jodie Fountain is also the daughter of Jack.
Later the presumed dead Nick, who was in an isolated hospital all the time, returned to Drovers. When Nick’s got the offer for a “once in a lifetime” job , both decide after a short time to go to Argentina. It was a hard decision for Tess to leave Drovers Her daughter, Claire Ruth was born in Argentina.