The film is based on William Shakespeare's "Macbeth", but like Lurmanns Baz's Romeo and Juliet "he plays in the present. Transferred to Melbourne's underworld, where various clans fight for supremacy in the drug trade, he styled the character of Macbeth in a cool, melancholy, brooding, against Leonardo DiCaprio's Romeo looks like a small child. A comparison with Baz Luhrmans film is obvious, not only because the directors are countrymen. Unlike Luhrmans Romeo and Juliet, which was basically for all the postmodern quotation gimmick but seriously, is Wright's Macbeth pure camp.


Macbeth is a brutal drug dealer of the criminal underworld. Boss of the course is unpredictable Duncan, who is feared by all. Three teenage witches prophesy Macbeth one day that he will soon be very powerful. Macbeth's greed knows no bounds. Together with his scheming wife, he is planning a deadly conspiracy to take Duncan's place at the head of the gang. But by the murder of Duncan, Macbeth falls into a dangerous vortex of power and violence. His enemies will unite against him and have only one goal: his death.


Jonny plays Lennox.