Jonny Pasvolsky acted as Matt Bosnich in the series McLeod’s Daughters. The people from Drover’s and Killarney meet him as Rob Shelton at first.  He is the new overseer from Killarney.

Slowly there is something into being between Rob and Jodi McLeod. She starts to decode his secrets step by step.

He is placed on witness protection.

At work Matt become a witness to a crime. He went to police. The criminals killed his wife and his son as warning, but Matt still wants to tell at court what he had seen.

As his father died and the police told Matt this after the funeral to protect his security, Jodi is there for him. He told her big parts of his story.

As Jodi has to go to town Matt asked her to visit his father’s grave for him. That’s why the criminals could be on his trail again.

As a hit man arrived on Drover’s Run, Jodi could warn Matt in the last minute. They flee through the bush.

Matt is shot and Jodi must do her best to save their lives.  She managed it with some help of Stevie and Kate.

Matt is taken to hospital and left Jodis life. By the time Jodi lost her hope to see him again.

But Matt is back again. He is now clear of witness protection and the trial is over. He could start a new life with Jodi.

But it is not over. There is a new hit man to kill Matt as revenge.

Matts and Jodis car exploded into flames and both are dead. But Kate could not believe this, she starts to ask questions again and again. That is way Matt and Jodi came again to Drover’s Run to say good bye. The thing with the car was a trick to give both a chance to go underground in witness protection.

At the last episode of the series we learn that Matt and Jodi will be parents.