Home and Away (by BMS)


Luke Jacobz is acting as Angelo Rosetta. Angelo had his first appearance in episode 4677 aired at July 2008. Angelo is a Police Constable.
At his first appearance he tries to flirt with Charlie Buckton and thn with Belle Taylor. They go out on a date until Aden Jefferies interrupts.
Angelo is attacked from behind. He is hit on his head and has to spend a night in hospital. He discovers that Belle is cheating on him with Aden.
In one episode Angelo attacks Belle with a chair. As he leaves, she is attacked from behind. Aden finds her and assumes that Angelo did it. Belle is not sure if Angelo real did it. Angelo is later cleared.
Jack Holden had been shot. Charlie Buckton begins to suspect t at Angelo may have had something to do with Jack´s death. Others ones claimed that, too.
It will sonne be revealed that Angelo did not kill Jack. He stays in Summer Bay.