Luke Jacobz acted as Patrick Brewer in the series McLeod’s Daughters. The younger one of the two Brewer brothers is the one with a tendency for adventures.

The first appearance in the series means landing after doing parachuting. Patrick wants to visit his brother Dave, but he ends up on Drover´s Run and meets Kate Manfredi.

The brothers have to fight some ghosts from the past and Dave notices that his brother needs help. Patrick has a special kind of depressions and needs medicine.

Patrick undergoes medical treatment.

As Patrick is back the second time, he and Kate get closer. They become a couple. But Patrick notices that he is the wrong brother for Kate. They separated.

Step by step the adventure guy Patrick becomes the farm worker Patrick. He finds a good friend in Tayler Geddes. For a short time Patrick gets feelings for Ashleigh Redstaff, but than Taylor and he become a couple. At the end both plan to leave Australia and want to visit Patricks brother Dave in Australia.