The woman, we know as farm owner Jodi McLeod at the end of series five of the series McLeod´s Daughter, grew up as Jodi Margaret Fountain at the farm Drover´s Run.


She was born in 1982 as daughter of Kevin Fountain and Meg Fountain. She was a young woman as Jodi first met her father. He left Drover´s Run before his daughter was born.


Jack McLeod made it possible that Jodi got the chance to go to boarding school. He spoiled the daughter of his housekeeper Meg wherever it was possible. Jodi was his little princess.


At boarding school Jodi met Kate Manfredi. She became best friend with her.


After the finals Jodi moved back to Drover’s waiting for the results. Jodi wants to leave again and travel around the world. As her results were so disappointing that Jodi´s mother decided that she had to prove herself first by working on Drover´s Run for a year.


In this year Becky Howard starts working and living on the farm. Bad girl Becky is helping Jodi to understand her mother, to start loving the work at Drover´s Run and loving the life on the farm. Becky and Jodi became friends.


One day Jodi met Italian Alberto Borelli at the farm. He became her first big love. Meg didn´t like that situation. She is doing her best that Alberto has to go home to Italia. But he return and Jodi and Alberto married.


At the moment she has to sign the marriage document she noticed that she is too young to be Alberto´s wife. She left him.


Later Meg and Jodi made plans to leave Drover´s, but Jodi discovered she had loved Drover´s Run and didn´t want to leave. Meg left the farm alone and Jodi stayed as a farm worker on Drover´s.


Her friend from boarding school Kate Manfredi became her colleague on Drover´s Run.


Soon Jodi met the mechanic Luke Morgan and fell in love with him. Their relationship failed because of his criminal past. Luke has to go to jail.


At that point of time Jodi swore up men. But then she met Killarney´s new overseer Rob Shelton. And a relationship with Ups and Downs started. Step by step Jodi falls in love of that man. But the only thing Rob could give is friendship. He couldn´t allowed himself to fell deeper. He has a secret.


On her 21th birthday Jodi discovered that not Kevin Fountain, but Jack McLeod is her real father. She is shocked, doesn´t want to talk with her mother and left the farm.


Rob helped Jodi to cope with that situation. It needed a long time for Jodi and Meg to find a way to get back in their old relationship.


As Tess McLeod-Ryan noticed that Jodi is a McLeod she made her sister a co- farm owner.


Soon after this Jodi discovered Rob Shelton was in the Witness Protection Program. A hit man found Rob and Jodi has so save Robs and her life. Rob has to leave. But he promised to return.


In a moment Jodi starts thinking about another man Rob returned, now under his real name Matt Bosnich. He wanted to be with Jodi.


It needed some time that Jodi and Matt get together and started a relationship.


But then some guys wanted to kill Matt again. Jodi decided to go with Matt in the Witness Protection Program. Their car exploded and Jodi and Matt were killed. Kate is doing everything to solve that murder.


The police must discover a secret. Jodi and Matt didn´t die, but wanted everybody to think they died, so they could escape and enter the Witness Protection Program again.


Now Jodi could say goodbye to all her friends.


In the last episode Jodi and Meg returned. Jodi is married and regnant. Matt and Jodi are cleared from all hit men. They could return in their old lives back home – back on Drover´s Run.


Jodi McLeod was acted by Rachael Carpani.