Find 815 (by BMS)

Find 815 was the second Lost alternate reality game from ABC studios. The ARG began on 31.12.2007 and ended two hours before the premiere of season 4 of the series Lost on 31.1.2008.

The storyline revolves around an Oceanic IT technician Sam Thomas who is intent on finding his love Sonya who was on board of Oceanic Flight 815as a flight attendant.


The player learns of Find 815 through a hacked video placed on the website.


There a just some little hints for Sam starting his search of the missed airplane. One trail shows him the way to Jakarta and to a ship, the Christine I.


Mr Ockham is the captain of the Christine I.


Could they find flight 815 and Sonya?


On 28.3.2008 the Find 815 site was updated. It showed Sam's notebook (date 23.2) mentioning that he, unlike the reportes, still lacked answers.


What could that mean?


In that ARG there were two actors known from the series McLeod's Daughters. Rodger Corser played Sam Thomas and Mr Ockham was acted by Marshall Napier.