Rodger Corser acted as Adam Logan at the series Last Man Standing. Adam is the protagonist and narrator of Last Man Standing.

Adam heart recently has been broken by long term girl friend Louisa. Or at least, he just thinks that his heart has been broken. He is not sure he understands how women think at all. But he wants to cover up.

Adam works as food photographer. He feels that someone out there wants him to make more of his life. But he did not really know who and what.

Adam is a music nut, obsessive about his very big collection of records and CDs.

He is a loyal friend especially for Bruno and Cameron.

As Louisa left him, he is prepared to work on himself. That is not so easy for someone prefer to sit tight a problem until is gone instead of solving it.

Adam is a little bit like a big kid. He just has to find out which parts of boyishness he wants to hold on to the next stage of his way.