McLeod´s Daughters (by BMS)

Peter Johnson is an employee of Australian Bloodlines.  Claire McLeod and Alex Ryan met him giving a lecture about synthetic fertilization of horses.

Claire and he do not get along as they met the first time.

Some times later someone announced to give away a contract of a horse trainer to Killarney or Drover´s. It is Peter Johnson. Because of the occurrence happened at the lecture Claire things she has no chance.  Besides she is injured and can not ride her horse. Peter accepted that Jodi rides in Claire´s place and at the end Claire gets the contract. And Peter becomes a part of her life.

Claire and Peter need more than one attempt but then they will be lovers. They make plans and want to marry. Tess decided to leave Drover´s Run. She thinks Claire does not need her anymore, as Peter became a part of her life.

In a roundabout way Claire hearts that Peter is married and the father of two daughters. Peter protests and said he loves Claire and his marriage is at the end. Because of her own past Claire can not destroy a family. She let Peter go.

After their separation there is one last night between Claire and Peter.

Peter can not accept that Claire banished him out of her life and that she finds s a new partner in business with Alex Ryan. Peter does them harm where he could do it.

At the Stockman´s Challenge Claire, Alex and Peter met again. Peter does not leave letter of cancellation at Australian Bloodline, she could lose the farm. Peter blackmails Claire, if she comes back to him, she would not lose the farm. Because Claire straight heard she is pregnant by Peter, she is thinking about it for a moment. But at the end she denied.

Claire had a bad fall from her horse at the end of the Challenge. She has to tell the ambulance team that she is pregnant. Alex helps her and says while Peter is listening that he is the father.  Peter is furious with Claire and he does not have work to do with Claire.

After the birth of Claire and Peter daughter, he accepted that he is the father of little Charlotte.

After Claire´s death he is back and Charlotte becomes a part of his family. She should grow up with her two sisters.