Rush (by BMS)

Rodger Corser is acting as Lawson Blake in the series Rush (2008 - 2011). Senior Sergeant Lawson Blake is the 34 years old team leader of the TR. His parents separate when he was twelve, as the eldest of the three children he felt responsible for his brother and sister.
As a youth Lawson got contact to drugs and crime, but he could broke the cycle and start a new life. With 26 he made his detective and he had a degree in psychology. Because he is a natural leader either, he became the team leader as the TR was established two years ago.
He likes the thinks to go the way he want, his team could count on him everytime. He is keeping himself in check the majority of time. He has fun with his colleagues and friends, but never fully lets his guards down. He does not have much of sense of humor, he said about himself: "Of course I got it. I just did not think it was funny."
Maybe Lawson is the quiet, calm man of honour. He is physical attractive, strong, positive about life.