Reg Roordink

A little riddle:

Do you remember the last episode of the series? Stevie stopped a truck on horseback. Moira and Phil got nearly run over by truck.

The riddle: Who is the truck driver?

The Solution: It is Reg Roordink!

Reg Roordink is the Stunt Coordinator and Safety Supervisor of McLeods Daughters.  He has to make sure that all risky scenes ended well  for everyone!

You could more informations where he worked in the following resume.

In the forum you could find an interview with Reg Roordink. He was so kind to answer us some questions. Thanks a lot!


Film credits / Stunt Coordinator / Safety / Stunts

The Bully                                            2008                      Stunt Coordinator

Home                                                  2008                      Stunt Coordinator / Safety Supervisor

The last ride                                     2008                      Stunt Coordinator / Safety Supervisor

Broken Hill                                        2008                      Stunt Coordinator

Fast Lane                                            2008                      Stunt Coordinator / Safety Supervisor

Prey                                                     2007                      Stunt Coordinator

Look Both ways                                               2005                      Stunt Coordinator / Safety Supervisor

Ray                                                       2005                      Stunt Coordinator / Safety Supervisor

Josh Jarman                                      2004                      Stunt Coordinator / Safety Supervisor

Ned Kelly                                           2003                      Additional Stunt Coordinator / Safety Supervisor

The Wannabes                                                2003                      Stunt Coordinator

Travelling Light                                               2003                      Stunt Coordinator / Safety Supervisor

Subterano                                         2003                      Stunt Coordinator

Drovers boy                                      2003                      Stunt Coordinator

Janasheen                                         2003                      Stunt Coordinator / Second unit director

Nala Damayanthi                            2003                      Stunt Coordinator / Second unit director

Trojan Warrior                                 2002                      Stunt Coordinator /  Second unit Director

Mr Average                                       2001                      Stunt Coordinator / Safety Supervisor

Blonde                                                                2000                      Stunt Coordinator



Television credits/ Stunt Coordinator / Safety Supervisor

Tangle                                                 2008                                      Stunt Coordinator / Safety Supervisor

Mcleods Daughters                       2004 – 2008                        Stunt Coordinator / Safety Supervisor 

Series 4 to 8                                                                                     Second unit director

Neighbours                                       2008 -2009                          Stunt Coordinator

Wicked science                                               2007                                      Safety Supervisor

Blue Heelers                                    1994- 06                              Stunt Coordinator / Safety Supervisor

Silver Sun                                          2004                                      Stunt Coordinator /Safety Supervisor

Noah & Saskia                                  2004                                      Stunt Coordinator / Safety Supervisor

Forensic Investigators                  2004                                      Stunt Coordinator /Safety Supervisor

Comedy Ink                                      20002/3                               Stunt Coordinator

MDA                                                     2002                                      Stunt Coordinator

Guinevere Jones                            2002                                      Stunt Coordinator

Stingers                                                              2002/04                               Stunt Coordinator

Full Frontal                                       2002                                      Stunt Coordinator / Safety Supervisor

The Bite                                              2002                                      Safety Supervisor

The Saddle Club                                             2001/2                                 Stunt Coordinator

Ponderosa  22 eps                          2001                                      Stunt Coordinator /Safety Supervisor

Round the twist                                              2001                                      Stunt Coordinator

Secret lives of us                            2001                                      Stunt Coordinator

Surprise Surprise series  1&2    2000                                      Stunt Coordinator

Neighbours                                       2000/ 04                              Stunt Coordinator / Safety Supervisor

Something in the Air 200 eps    2000/02                               Stunt Coordinator /Safety Supervisor



TVC/ Corporate credits / Stunt Coordinator

Jeep                                                                     Stunt Coordinator

Mitsubishi Car x5                                           Stunt Coordinator

.05 For a Reason                                             Stunt Coordinator

Bank South Australia                                    Stunt Coordinator

Stagg Chilli                                                        Stunt Coordinator

Mazda Light Commercial                            Stunt Coordinator

Mitsubishi 4 Wheel Drive                           Stunt Coordinator

Mazda (Desert Ballet)                                  Stunt Coordinator

Holden One Ton Ute                                     Stunt Coordinator

Holden Safira                                                   Stunt Coordinator

Victorian Tourism                                          Stunt Coordinator

Hospital Benefits                                           Stunt Coordinator

Adidas Football boots                                  Stunt Coordinator

Ford Explorer                                                   Stunt Coordinator

TAC power Naps                                             Stunt Coordinator

TAC Drugs & Alcohol                                     Stunt Coordinator

Toyota Cars X 6                                                Stunt Coordinator

Just Jeans                                                          Stunt Coordinator

VW Four Wheel Drive                                  Stunt Coordinator

Toyota Harrier                                                 Stunt Coordinator

Stihl Chain Saws                                             Stunt Coordinator

BMW Cars X 2                                                   Stunt Coordinator

Honey Serial                                                    Stunt Coordinator


Corporate Credits / Stunt Coordinator

Carols By Candlelight/ Sydney Myer Music Bowl                                                            Stunt Coordinator

Ford Motor Company                                                                                                  Stunt Coordinator

Tigers Basketball                                                                                                          Stunt Coordinator

Mitsubishi Motors                                                                                                        Stunt Coordinator

Say No To Drugs/ Sydney Myer Music Bowl                                                       Stunt Coordinator

South Australian State Theatre company                                                           Stunt Coordinator



Miscellaneous Credits / Stunt Coordinator

AFL Stills                                                                                                                           Stunt Coordinator

JWT Web Site                                                                                                                 Stunt Coordinator

Ned Kelly Promo Film Clip                                                                                       Stunt Coordinator

Ned Kelly Documentary                                                                                                            Stunt Coordinator




Music Video clips Credits / Stunt Coordinator

Kate Cebrano                                                                                                                 Stunt Coordinator

Leah Hayward                                                                                                                 Stunt Coordinator

Paul Kelly                                                                                                                         Stunt Coordinator

28 Days                                                                                                                                             Stunt Coordinator



Please note that this resume starts in 2000.

If you require more information on stunts I have performed, or any other aspects of the job prior to the year 2000, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Yours Truly

Reg Roordink