Zoe Naylor acted as Regan McLeod at the series McLeod’s Daughters. Regan is the middle daughter of Hugh McLeod.

After Hugh McLeod died Regan’s sister Jasmine discovers that there are still living relatives at Drover’s Run. Regan visited Drover’s Run, too. But it is not easy to get in contact with her cousin Tess.  It is easier to get in contact with Stevie Hall for her.

But Regan had an ulterior motive, too. She is a trained geologist and she secretly planed to make a part of Drover’s Run a mine.

Dave Brewer and Regan were romantically involved. Maybe that is a reason why Kate Manfredi could not trust in her.

Kate caught her out. And the women start the fight for the farm. At the end Tess could convince Regan of the fact that Drover’s Run is the home of all McLeod’s – Regan’s home. Regan left the farm and stopped her mine project.

Round about one year later Regan is back. She is not feeling very well and looking for Tess help. But she moved to Argentina again.

Stevie and Kate could not trust Regan, but Jodi offers Regan help. She is surprised about her new cousin, but she accepted Jodis help.

And she told Jodi what happened. While Regan was in charge two men died in a mine. Even the court found her to have done nothing wrong but she still blamed herself for the accident.

Step by step Drover’s Run became a home for Regan and the others recognize that they could trust her.

Dave and Regan started their relationship again. But both have different ideas of a relationship, at the end they separate and it is Regan giving Dave the hint that Kate is falling in love for him. Kate and Dave moved to Africa together.

Than the thing with Jodi’s faked death happened. Jodi’s part of Drover’s Run was the “inheritance” for Regan and her two sisters. 

Finally Regan meets her younger sister Grace again and could convince her take the responsibility for their heritage.

Regan left the farm to work as geologist again.

As Drover’s is in danger and Regan former fiancé and colleague Lyle Erwin started his work, Regan is back and doing everything to rescue Drover’s Run.

Whenever her two sisters or her friends needed her, Regan is back at Drover’s Run.