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Born December 18 1970 in Melbourne



She acted as Tess McLeod from 2001 to 2006 in the series McLeod´s Daughters.


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February 2015

New role for Bridie!

The cast of the new Erik Thomson series '800 Words' has been announced and it includes former McLeod’s Daughters star Bridie Carter.

Channel 7 has described the family drama as very much like Packed to the Rafters in tone, but it’s not following that Aussie classic in being shot here.

Bridie Carter is set to play Jan, the editor of the newspaper Turner writes for. She has done little television since she quit McLeod’s Daughters in 2006.


February 2015

Bridie Carter 


Nearly a decade after she left McLeod’s Daughters, is Bridie Carter ready to make a comeback? As Tess McLeod, Bridie Carter became one of Australia’s golden girls. And she is still immensely proud of her role in long-running show McLeod’s Daughters. “McLeod’s was the most wondrous, popular show,” Bridie tells TV WEEK. “My character was just the greatest girl.” But in 2006, after six seasons playing Tess, it was time for Bridie to move on. But the 43-year-old admits it wasn’t easy to leave the role behind. “When you’re really popular on Australian television and you finish a job, it can be tricky afterwards,” Bridie says. “It’s just the nature of the beast. Success is a double-edged sword. You need to let yourself rest sometimes. “People saw me as Tess for a long time. You have to reinvent yourself.” Not being part of a TV series gave Bridie time to spend with her family, though. The actress lives with her husband, Michael Wilson, and their sons, Otis, nine, and Toby, four, in Byron Bay on the NSW north coast. “It suited me to be with my children,” Bridie smiles. “I went back to work with Otis when he was four weeks old. “That was my choice. I was completely naive, as I’d never had a child before! “When Toby was born, it was lovely not to have to be on a film set.” The actress describes herself as a hands-on mum to her boys. “Children certainly give you [a great] perspective,” Bridie explains. “They help you to see what’s really important in life.” In recent years, Bridie has been busy writing and producing a new TV project. “I’m passionate about Australian television and female-driven drama,” she enthuses. “So, I’ve been concentrating on that.” She’s hoping to talk to the TV networks next year about getting it on the air. “I look forward to being back on screen a lot more,” she admits. “My youngest boy is starting school next year. There comes a time to get back into it.” Bridie adds that she would also love to have a leading role in a TV show again. “That, for me, is the most fulfilling thing,” the Melbourne-born actress reveals. She’s also starting to pop up on our screens more frequently. In recent years, Bridie has appeared in Wild Boys and Rescue Special Ops. And, this week, you will be able to see her in ABC comedy series It’s A Date. She plays unlucky-in-love Sharna, who decides to try reigniting the spark with old flame Harry again. Harry is an ageing rocker, who performs covers and Sharna tries to get him to write his own music. “It’s a comedy,” Bridie points out. “But there are also lovely moments that touch your heart. She has really high hopes for this guy.” In real life, however, Bridie doesn’t have to worry about the dating game. In May this year, she and Michael celebrated a major milestone – their 10-year wedding anniversary! “Every day is a blessing,” she smiles contentedly. “And my marriage just gets better year by year.” “My husband and children are my biggest gift and I’m always grateful. I just have a lot of love. And I have a job I absolutely adore.” It’s A Date, Thursday, 9pm, ABC McLeod’s Reunion “Never say never!” Bridie says of the idea of reuniting the cast of McLeod’s Daughters for a TV telemovie. “I’m open to anything. But when something ends on a high, you can’t just keep going back. Some things you just have to walk away from with good memories.” And she has plenty of those. “I don’t take the five years I had making that show for granted,” she says. “[I was] sitting on my horse, looking out at this incredible Australian landscape, going: ‘Oh, my goodness, this is my office - and they pay me for it!’ “It was very special.”
November 2014


In 2014 Bridie Carter will be seen in a starring role in the short dramatic film "Skin".

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