Envy (by BMS)

Envy is a film from the year 1999.

Somebody has stolen a dress from Kate (played by Linda Crooper). She sees a young woman undressing her stolen dress in a swimming pool. Kate decided to steal her dress back.

Later Kates sonMatt (played by Wade Osborne) meets Rachael (played by Anna Lise Phillips). She is a smalltime thief and the woman, who had stolen Kates dress.

Matt takes Rachael in his home and soon Rachaels friend Nick (played by Scott Major) is there, too. He ties Matt to Kates bed. Rachael does a sexual thing to Matt, his mothers dress gets its one role in this thing.

Matt has a trauma and his mother seeks revenge againts Rachael.

Abi Tucker as Lisa and Bridie Carter as Kristy are members of the film cast too. Both are well known actresses from the series McLeod´s Daughters.