Matt Passmore acted the character Cameron Kennedy at the series Last Man Standing.

Cameron met the other two male characters Adam and Bruno at the high school after sleeping with both their girlfriends. The three became friends.

Cameron is a landscape gardener. The 3.0-year-old is married with Zoe. But women love Cameron and Cameron loves the women. And he is a guy with a lot of love to give.

Zoe threw him out, she did not want to share anymore. There were too many other women in Cameron’s life:

The kindergarten teacher, the red-head who hired Cameron to trim her box hedges, the girl who made their flat whites.

Cameron is shattered after the threw out, but he adjusted, he always does.

His friends supported him.

Cameron noticed by the time, that the marriage with Zoe was his chance at stability in life. For the moment he is not lonely, but maybe now he will be lonely someday.