One day Marcus Turner arrived at Killarney. Alex Ryan´s true father send him. He should check the enters for Bryce. At the beginning the relationship between Alex and Marcus is not easy. It is a shock for Alex that Bryce is also Marcus father. By the time the two half brother get closer.

Marcus wird Alex Trauzeuge bei der Hochzeit mit Stevie. As Alex and Stevie went on their honeymoon Marcus replaces Alex as leader of Killarney. Like Bryce his daughter Ashleigh is one of the wedding guests. She is not happy about her two brothers. She believes, that his two sons are more important for Bryce than his daughters.

As Bryce get a apoplectic stroke very short after the wedding, Ashleight thinks she gets her chance. She forces Marcus to work together. But at the end Ashleigh lost her father and many things more. She is alone and Marcus is running Killarney on his own. 

As Grace McLeod arrived at Drover´s, Marcus gets feelings for her. But she just want a friendship. Very soon Grace´s heart belongs to Heath Barratt. She can not believe that Marcus warns her that Heath does not love her. But at the end Marcus was right, Heath cheated on Grace.

At that point of time there is a new veterenary in town. Her name is Ingrid Marr. Marcus does not  believe that this small woman could work with big animals. But Ingrid convinces him about her knowledge. Step by step Marcus and Ingrid get closer.

As Grace McLeod discovers her feelings for Marcus Turner, Ingrid and Marcus become a couple.

Marcus is shocked that Ingrid is married. But neither that fact nor the story of Ingrids marriage detracts from Marcus feelings. Both fall in love.

As Paul  Ingrid´s Husband arrived Marcus wants  help Ingrid. Even he wants to leave Killarney together with her. But Ingrid went without him.

Marcus is searching for her for days. Then Grace McLeod finds Ingrids farewell letter.  Marcus stopps searching. By the time Grace and Marcus become a couple.

But Marcus does not know that Grace and Ingrid talked with each other before Ingrid leaves. Ingrid discovers Grace´s feelings for Marcus at that talk. She thinks it is better to let Marcus stay with Grace.

Finally Grace tells Marcus about that talk. He can not believe that he does not had the possibilty to take his own choice.

Ingrid comes back and sees Marcus and Grace. Grace noticed her and both women talk. Ingrid explains Grace that she does not want to distroy that relationship. 

Grace thinks about that situation and organizes a meeting for Marcus and Ingrid. Marcus and Ingrid talk with each other. They are still in love with each other.

Marcus und Ingrid give their relationship another chance.

Marcus Turner was acted by Matt Passmore.