Rescue Special Ops is a series about the Special Operations Rescue Unit. The unit is called for difficult search and rescue operations. The brothers Dean (played by Les Hill) and Chase (played by Andrew Lees) Gallagher are two of the team member.

At episode seven of the series Rescue Special Ops we met Karl Stevenson. He would be played by Jonny Pasvolsky.

Karl´s wife Becky is the latest victim of a serial offender – called Taser Rapist.

Because Karl does not know anyone in Sydney, Heidi, a paramedic of the team of the Special Operations Rescue Unit, is supporting him.

They think they knew the offender. Heidi meets Karl again and again.

Then Heidi comes face to face with the real Taser Rapist. Could is be someone she met frequently in the last days? Karl Stevenson?