Home and Away (by BMS)

Myles Pollard acted as the lawyer Dane Jordans. He had to decided how far a lawyer could go in Respect of the borders from moral and ethics.
Dane Jordans was Jazz´s lawyer. He helped her with her divorce and her mothers last will. Dane asked if Jazz had been able to talk to her son Drew about him and his grandmother last will and he wondered why she did not want to talk with Drew. He told her that they needed to mobe on it so Jazz promised to tell Drew the truth.
After the business part the private part started and Jazz invited Dane to her place, despite the fact that he was married. As they enjoed a drink the last will fell out of Danes pocket. The next morning Drew noticed the last will but Dane swiftly retrieved it.
Later Dane told Jazz that he was not happy about keeping the last will from Drew. She argued her case but Dane did not agree and began to realise that sleeping with him the previous night was all part of Jazz tactics.
Some days later Dane is back to deal with Jazz divorce. Dane tried to make it up with Jazz, but she did not want, she said she was seeing someone else now. Dane seemed disappointed. He tried to hit on her again but she resisted and he left.
A few weeks later Dane sent a text message to Jazz. He had to tell her that there was a problem with her mothers last will. Dane met up with Jazz and told her that on one hand there is a problem because of a clerical error and in the other hand a letter telling Drew about the last will of his grandmother was sent to him. Jazz was not happy about that things and Dane tried to talk her to tell Drew the truth of the last will.
Finally Jazz told Drew her kind of truth, she told her son that his grandmother has died month ago and now she just found out . Dane arrived to read the last will and Jazz briefed him to tell her kind of truth. Dane told her that what she had done was morraly wrong but Jazz meaned that she had done everything for the right reasons.
At the will reading Dane told Drew that he was the sole beneficiary. They are talking about a lot of money. Drew did not understand and Dane told him, that he would be back the next day with some papers to sign.
The next day Drew said he wanted to share the money with his mother, Dane said he would draft the paperwork to sign. His colleague Morag noticed that he was hiding something and offered to represent Drew.
Now Jazz decided to contest the last will which meant that they had to go to court. As an alternative Morag arraned a mediation and Dane agreed that it was the best course of action.
Dane presented the manager of the nursing home, Jazz mother lift in at last as star witness. He told that Jazz Mother sis not know what she was doing at last and so Jazz won.
But Morag found out that Jazz and Dane made the whole thing up. Dane also felt Jazz went too far sleeping with the manager.
Morag then pondered about whether to report Dane for professional misconduct but decided against it in the end.