Boy Gets Girl (by BMS)


The Black Swan Theatre Company played the theatre play Boy Gets Girl in September 2012.

Beware the blind date. Instead meeting the one and only you could meet a potential stalker.

Theresa Bedell agrees to meet computer programmer Tony for a drink. At the date she realizes that he isn´t the man of her dreams.

As Tony realizes that there will be no second date, he starts with harassing phone calls. Unwelcome flower deliveries will become a part of Theresa´s life. As Tony finds out where she is lives, the blind date finally becomes a nightmare.

Will Theresa be able to regain control of her life again and get rid of her stalker one day?

The stalker in this production of Boy Gets Girl would be acted by Myles Pollard.

End of the Rainbow (by BMS)

Peter Quilter wrote this play with music about the last few month of Judy Garland´s life.

Myles Pollard acted as Mickey Danes. Mickey is a former nightclub manager. Now he is the new manager of Judy Garland and her fiancé. He is doing his best to repair her reputation. He had the control about her financial affairs and keep creditors from the door.





Love Letters (by BMS)

Love Letters is a theatre play by A.R. Gurney.

Love Letters tells the story of the lives of Melissa Gardner and Andrew Makepeace. Humorous, often poignant, letters full of intimacy, love, lies, sex and drugs tell the tale of Melissa´s and Andrew´s 40-year relationship. Both were childhood sweethearts who meet in the second grade and begin a correspondence.

At the theatre play they sit side by side at tables and read their correspondence. At the end they both realize they were really love letters at their core.

In November 2005 different actors played Love Letters in the NIDA theatre. Every evening two other actors acted at Love Letters. From the series McLeod´s Daughter were Myles Pollard, Lisa Chappell, Sonia Todd and Tara Morice at that project. Myles Pollard and Lisa Chappell acted together.

Myles Pollard acted as Andrew and Lisa Chappell played Melissa.





The Glass Menagerie (by BMS)

 Myles Pollard is acting as the Gentleman Caller in the theatre play The Glass Menagerie. At the homepage of the theatre Myles Pollard introduced his character by himself.

The thing I enjoy about playing the Gentleman Caller in The Glass Menagerie is performing as someone much younger that me. He is a bit of a clown which is fun to explore, and when finds himself in a difficult situation, he has either to go with his instincts or be honorable. I enjoy exploring the complexity of such a character.

The Gentleman Caller is named Jim. He is a colleague of Tom. Tom is the brother of Laura. She is absorbed in her own fantasy world and spends her days with the animals from her glass menagerie. Tom asked Jim for help. Jim and Laura know each other from high school. She remembers him. But could there be a happy end?





The True Story of Butterfish (by BMS)

During the Brisbane Festival in 2009 the Brisbane Powerhouse will present the theatre play The True Story of Butterfish.

The world premiere of the theatre play by Nick Earls will take place at the 25.October 2009.

The True Story of Butterfish is the story of Curtis Holland.

Curtis is no longer a rock star. On one hand he and his band Butterfish lived the typical Rock Star live. They were successful.

On the other hand there is the father’s death and his wife left him. He bought a house online and his gay brothers gave him lectures on family values.

Curtis met Annaliese Winter. She is a confounding mixture of adult and child.

Her mother Kate invited him for dinner. This dinner confronted Curtis another family than his one. Another highlight will be the visit from young Derek from LA.

Myles Pollard will play the lead role of Curtis Holland at The True Story of Butterfish.