McLeod´s Daughters (by BMS)

Myles Pollard acted as Nicholas Gary Ryan in the series McLeod’s Daughters. Nicholas, named Nick, is the son of Harry and Liz Ryan. Nick has one brother, it is the one year older Alex.  That means Nick could be born in the year 1974.

At the age of 14 Nick had an accident at a rodeo. The injuries at his leg hinder him for many years. He could not ride a horse for a long period of time.

Nick graduated in agricultural and economics.

If his father and Jack McLeod had the choice, Nick and Claire McLeod would have married. But in Claire’s eyes Nick is just a friend, a very good friend not home, it looked like Nick had deeper feelings for Claire.

As Tess McLeod comes back to Drover´s Run, Nick started to fall in love with her.

The scars from the rodeo accident hinder him to get in closer contact with a person.

But Nicks brother is more self confident and Tess and Alex started their relationship.  But it breaks very soon.

To delimit from his father Nick Ryan bought the farm Wilgul and started to be master of his own.

With some help of the McLeod woman he could build up his farm. And they or to be exactly Tess McLeod helped Nick to settle the problems with his brother.

Nick started a relationship with his physiotherapist Sally Clement, she helped him to defeat his injuries. They live together at Wilgul.

As Alex had to find out that Harry Ryan is not his biological father, Nick put him up at Wilgul.

There more and more things making Sally noticed that there is no place for her in Nick’s life, so she leaves him, but not forever.

As Claire McLeod dies everybody’s life changed.

At least Tess and Nick find a way to go their ways of life together. They tied the knot and everything looks best.

But some month later Sally is back. She is pregnant and Nick is the father of her child.

They get a son named Harrison Nicholas.

That means new problems between Nick and Tess but they find a way to get that new hurdle and be happy again.

Nick and Tess moved to Argentina for some month. Tess came back alone first, she is pregnant. Than there is the day when Nick should came back, too. Instead of Nick there is the message that his plane crashed. Nobody survived that.

Waiting that Nick was identified and his body was transported to Australia, she started dreaming of Nick.

Moira dreamed of Nick, too. What does that mean?

A man knocked Nick down and took his place in the plane. Nick was very deep unconscious and lying in a hospital. But he will wake up and tell Tess that he is still alive.

Tess is happy that Nick is back at Drover´s Run finally. But she noticed that Nick could not find his place in Australia after all things happened. Both get back to Argentina.

Their daughter Claire Ruth McLeod Ryan was born in Argentina.