In August 2009 AIE announced that the movie Coffing Rock will hit theatres in Australia in October 2009.


Lisa Chappell played the female main character named Jess in the movie Coffin Rock. Jess is married with Rob (acted by Robertg Taylor). The couple´s attempts  to a family were not successful so far. That´s why they drive from their home town Coffin Rock (a tiny fishing town) to the city to an IVF clinic.


After an argument with Rob Evan is there to comfort and Jess and he get very close.


Evan worked as a receptionist there. He becomes instantly fixated on Jess. On the other hand Jess and Rob do not take any noticed of him. Evan comes to Coffin Rock to stay close to Jess. At the end Jess is pregnant and Evan shows his real being. That all means big trouble for the unassuming Coffing Rock.

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