Small Claims (by BMS)

Lisa Chappell acted as Louise Page in Small Claims – The Reunion. At one time Louise and Chrissy studied the law together. After that they went different ways.

By chance Chrissy and Louise meet at the supermarket now. It is a problem for Chrissy that she is just being a mother and Louise worked one’s way up in business law. In Chrissie’s eyes Louise got everything a husband, two sons, a nanny, the career and a perfect life.  But then Louise’s perfect life breaks down. At first she is nearly drown in the pool and saved by the nurse in the last minute. Than Louises husband Ross is drown in the harbour, it looks like it was a boat accident. Louise notices that there was an affair between her husband and Pip another friend from the time they study. Louise attacks Pip. Chrissy wants to help her friend, that Louise is not loosing everything she build up in her life. Louise is arrested. Ross was poisoned and not killed by boat accident. But Chrissy and her friend Jo, a police-woman believed that Louise is not guilty and they want to find the true offender.  Could they really help Louise?