Lisa Chappell acted as Claire Louise McLeod in 73 episodes of the series McLeod´s Daughters.

The oldest daughter of Jack and Prue McLeod is born in 1973.  Two years later she lost her mother dying at complications at the birth of her second child. Adam John McLeod died at the followings of that birth, too.  Claire and her father stayed alone on the farm Drover´s Run.

Meg Fountain worked as house keeper on the farm and she replaces the mother for Claire.

Than Jack married again and Claire got a step-mother named Ruth Silverman. Having a baby means becoming a father of a daughter a second time for Jack. The sisters were different, but they were inseparable.

But then Ruth and Jack separate. Ruth and Tess left the farm. There was no more contact between the sisters.

As the neighbor farm Killarney was sold, Claire found two new friend with the sons of the new owner. If their fathers would have a wish their children could fulfill, Claire and Nick Ryan will marry one day. But everything went another way, Nick and Claire exchange some kisses but that is all and there is still Nick brothers Alex Ryan….

As Jack died he left the farm to both daughters.

As Tess came back, Claire was not exactly in the family mood. Claire hopes that Tess goes back where she comes from, but she will not leave.

Step by step the sisters got closer and then one day they run the farm together.

Claire had a rough time in 2001. She met Peter Johnson. As she said, he is the first guy since a long time she is falling in love with. Both are working together at first, but then they became lovers. They were engaged, they make plans.

Tess leaves the farm, she thought she was not needed anymore since Peter and Claire were a couple.

But Peter is a married man and has two daughters. Claire separates from him as she hears this. It was a big shock.

At last the other ones could inform Tess about the thinks happened. She came back to help her big sister.

Finding out she was pregnant with Peter´s child was a second shock for Claire.

As Peter made trouble in Claires business life, she told that he is not the father of her child. Alex Ryan helped her and pretended that he is the father.

That lie means a lot of ups and downs for Alex´s and Claire´s friendship.

As Tess and Alex help Claire at the birth of her daughter, Alex became a fatherly friend for the little girl.

Because Claire has no name for her daughter at first, she called her BoM (baby of McLeods). Then she was named Charlotte Prudence and Alex became her uncle in god. And Peter accepted the fathership for his third daughter at the end.

Claire became the leader of the farmer association and started a short flirt with Vince Lavise a farmer from the neighborhood.

One day Claire and BoM have to travel, Alex went with them. Far away from the farm in the city Alex and Claire confesses their love to each other at last. They came back as a couple.

But Claire has to be afraid that her sister Tess has cancer. Fortunately it was wrong alarm.

Then there is the day they want to celebrate Alex´s moving in to Drover´s Run and Tess beeing not ill. Claire, Tess and Bom wanted to handle something by car quickly as they had a bad accident.  Tess could herself and Bom from the car. But Claire died.

It was the day Alex Ryan wanted to propose marriage to Claire McLeod.