Herkules (by BMS)

In the series Hercules Lisa Chappell acted in different characters.


Lisa Chappell acted as Dirce, the daughters of King Menelaus. She is doing everything to save Iolaus´ life.


Lisa Chappell acted as Princess Melissa. She is the daughter of King Tolas from Alcinia. Tola wants Melissa been married with Princ Gordius from Lathia, to take peace between both kingdoms. But there is Melissa´s sister Alexa. She kidnaps her sister and wants to sell her at a slavery market, than she kills her dad. Alexa appoints herself to the new monarch and attacks Lathia. With the help of a weapon called Tolas Awful Fist she wants to destroy the country.

Hercules and Iolaus free Melissa on the slavery market. The both men unite Gordius und Melissa. With Hercules help Gordius and Melissa wants to stop Alexa and destroy that weapon.


Lisa Chappell acted as Melissa Blake in a very special episode of the series Hercules. There a no new ideas for new episodes of the series. The team consists of the authors Jerry and Paul, producer Liz and her assistant Melissa Blake and actors Kevin Sorbo moves into a camp to do some brain-storming. Finding new ideas could mean adventures and dangers for the team, too.