Home and Away (by BMS)

Rodger Corser acted as Doctor Hugh Sullivan. In 2006 Hugh arrived the first time as a childhood friend of Rachael Armstrong. Rachael invited him for lunch at Leah's place and Hugh asked Leah for a date.
Leah admitted that she did like Hugh but did not feel that there was really anything there between them. Hugh left the serie - until 2007!
Rachael was happy to have her old friend back. Kim and she were going through a rough patch in their marriage as Hugh came back. As any friend would do, he often listen to Rachael when things were not going too well.
Rachael Saw Hugh and nurse Julie joking around at the hospital. She did her best that Hugh and Julie have a date. That date did not have a very good ending.
Julie asked Hugh if he felt anything for Rachael, he said he did not and she apologized for asking.
Later on in the hospital, Hugh got angry as Rachael asked him about the date with Julie. Rachael was shocked at his reaction. She asked him why he reacted like that, he answered that he was still trying to get over his break with his girlfriend. Or is that just what Rachael thought he mean?
As Baby Archie being born, Rachael and Kim tried to solve the problems in their marriage, just!
Rachael invited Hugh to stay with her and Kim and at the end he accepted.
At a medical conference, Rachael and Hugh visited together, Rachael talked about her and Kims marriage and that she thought her and Hugh were more suited than her and Kim. Hugh left the place of conference for an operation, never will be made.
Rachael found out that Hugh did not really have that operation and things between Hugh and Rachael carried on getting crazy for childhood friends.
Rachael was not pleased about Hughs night visitor named Ingrid.
As Hugh noticed that Martha is searching for a new flatmate, he is moving to her.
With now living at Matha's you could think that Rachael and Hugh would have been getting on better, but they still have to work together and there that was not the case of things getting on better.
Hugh kissed Rachael. He got an offer to work in South Africa. But he did not tell it Rachael. Julie told her and Rachael went to visit Hugh and to talk about all the things happened between them.
Hugh told her that he would only stay in the country if they could be together otherwise he would leave and he would not come back!
After giving Racheal an ultimatum of choosing what she wanted to do by certain time, Hugh left Summer Bay for Johannesburg, after waiting for Rachaels decision.